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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Find Out How You Rate with the Presidential Candidates

Kudos to my husband Darin on turning me onto a new site where you can see where your opinions stack up with the presidential candidates.  Visit to see if the candidate you planned to vote for is actually the one who supports all the issues you're passionate about.  Even though I am a die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter, my opinions actually matched Barack Obama's and John McCain's more closely!  And so did my husband's.  So I guess that means we're a perfect match then.  Either way, it's a really cool site and a great way to see where the candidates stand on all the important issues facing Americans today.  Be an informed voter...visit today!


At 1:44 PM, Blogger chessiakelley said...

ooh I LOVE this site. Thank you so much for sharing. Apparently I'm for Kucinich or Mike Gravel. Too bad they are not in the lead...I think I'm too liberal for America. Where is our Green Party? Ah well, that is why I switched my government major to a minor in college. Too frustrating. Now that you shared a great site with us, i thought I would tell you about the New York Kids Club which I have been working with as of late. Its an innovative activity program for kids at 4 Manhattan locations like sports, cooking, rock climbing, dance, music making...the list goes on and on for kids 6 months to 12 yrs. old. Not sure it is as enlightening as the quick political quiz (which I will be passing on, thanks) but its the coolest new thing I have heard about for kids in a while.

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