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Thursday, November 15, 2007

This morning, when my son woke up with a rash on his nose, cheeks and chin, I went straight to my computer. Unfortunately, we've had an outbreak of Staph infections in our neighborhood and my son, who's been battling a cold for two weeks now suddenly woke up with a sore on his nose and pimples on his face. With the help of Google, I was directed to - an amazing website that gives you the symptoms to every ailment your child could potentially encounter and even tells you what the possible treatment will be for each illness. I then typed in Staph infection and tons of information popped up. Of course, that doesn't take the place of a doctor visit but when the pediatrician's office doesn't open until 9am, sometimes it helps to have a website that could spell out exactly what your child may be suffering from and offer short term treatment options while you wait to be seen by your doctor. So any time you want to look up something about your child's health, visit - a fabulous find for parents!


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