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Monday, August 06, 2007

Rolemommy & Supernanny Team Up to Find Neighborhood Families in Need of Parenting Support! is partnering with to search America for families to be featured in their own episode of ABC’s SUPERNANNY, premiering its fourth season later this year. The show is looking for neighborhoods of families who all can use Supernanny’s help; families who are preparing for a big event like a wedding or family reunion; sports-obsessed parents; parents with mean girls or bullying boys, teens and pre-teens. Casting producers are searching the country to find families from a variety of backgrounds to offer Jo Frost, America’s number one nanny, the challenge of her career. Interested families who are in need of help with their out of control kids may apply from anywhere via, or moms and dads can call 877/NANNY-TIME (1-877-626-6984).


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